1. Today a woman came into sweetlife and just started screaming curses at everyone and I politely told her to leave as I followed her she hexed a group of bewildered early 20 something’s I can only hope my counter spells blocked the curses before the landed. Being a wizard is hard Harry I don’t envy you…

  2. A little something of a bike race flier for @cascadiancouriercollective

  3. The Drawco trinity complete box set!!!

  4. Basement rituals of youth.

  5. Squash symmetry

  6. My spy @missameliahart sent me this nice picture of Tectonic Jelly looking cozy at Floating World :) :)

  7. Paint paint paint!

  8. Porch painting to round out art day 2014!!

  9. Drawco 10/7/2014

  10. Drawco with @peeachflower ‘a hair wisp @theneverwasbeen and @diztheray holding it down out of the picture! @catfaces on the way!!

  11. @pilarimo found this sick hobbit vest at St. Vins and now I am lookin a little more like a Frodo guy!

  12. Porch paint party.

  13. Matthias says I should leave them black. I just told him I would have to up my metal cred if I did that..🌋🌚🐃🐐😈💀

  14. The base layer process! What is awesome sheet and what is painting?? The lines have melded together…

  15. Is this flashback Friday vampire Sully enough for you @sweet.baby.red ???!!!!????