1. The base layer process! What is awesome sheet and what is painting?? The lines have melded together…

  2. Is this flashback Friday vampire Sully enough for you @sweet.baby.red ???!!!!????

  3. New work photo is pretty fierce…pow!

  4. Be prepaaaaaard!! Show at the goat in December!

  5. Doodles and scratches on a rainy Saturday.

  6. A good day of Drawco!!

  7. Drawco gets a late start at the goat!

  8. The dj and the mc. DjDrGOD

  9. christopher-walken:

    Prints are finally, FINALLY here!!! They’ll be up in the shop soon! 💘

  10. boogerbrie:

    Annie Pootoogook
    Woman at Her Mirror (Playboy Pose) (2003) 
    26 x 20 inches
    Pencil, ink, and pencil crayon on paper

    (Source: sfonline.barnard.edu, via solarsisterss)

  11. Fin! Drawco continuing on my porch y’all!! Come draw!!

  12. Whatcha thinkin about?

  13. Last weeks Drawco.

  14. Drawco 8/5