1. boogerbrie:

    Annie Pootoogook
    Woman at Her Mirror (Playboy Pose) (2003) 
    26 x 20 inches
    Pencil, ink, and pencil crayon on paper

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  2. jackteagle:

    I redrew Marvel Feature Presents Red Sonja #6 for Rejected by Covered: http://rejectedbycovered.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/jack-teagle-covers-marvel-feature-6.html

  3. Fritz Hegenbart

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  4. heather-benjamin:

    made a sharpie shirt for cody

  5. gods-of-the-wasteland:

    Warhammer 2nd Ed. - Book 3: Battle Bestiary. Cover art by Tony Ackland.

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  6. penelopegazin:

    "Exorcism" by Penlope Gazin

    Acrylic paint on paper

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  7. omocat:

    on a hatsune miku, kagepro, and super sonico spree lately so i decided to draw a headphone lady of my own…

    b u r g e r ★ c h a n

    likes: burgers; hates: pickles

    will draw a full-body illo soon :) i want to make a bunch of stuff with her on it… maybe a dakimakura……………

  8. Fin! Drawco continuing on my porch y’all!! Come draw!!

  9. neo-rama:


    Gunstar Super Heroes - Treasure; Game Boy Advance, 2005.

    i should play this again

  11. apophany:

    emma louthan

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  12. reptiledeathritual:

    Big Chief Boggly - bubblegum variant

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  13. Whatcha thinkin about?

  14. spacefacebooks:


    For @mrtwinsister

    Jonny Negron!